Harry Sokal


"After many hard years of looking for a great cutand cane for my tenor and soprano sax setup, which was frustrating at times because the reeds I tried did not respond well enough, I finally found them, the great Alexander Superial ,"DC" and Classique reeds!"

Every serious jazz musician knows their own sound and how they want to develop it. So why are reeds not responding as they used to years ago?

With Alexander Superial, "DC", and "Classique" reeds, I feel at home like in earlier days because these reeds are made from the best available cane that is grown in the French Var region, well aged and well selected. The result is a warm, rich and still powerful tone without being too edgy, responding well from pianissimo to triple fff and still responding easily without too much resistance.

Congratulations to Tom Alexander, the producer of these fine reeds, who will not make any compromises in importing cheap cane from other countries in order to satisfy the market with quantity (because players can not get enough good reeds out of a box, so they have to buy more). Tom Alexander's reeds will surprise the market with quality as I and more and more other players are convinced. All my doubts about the possibility of my mouthpiece being bad or other weird things have been wiped away with a real good new brand of high quality reeds like in earlier day. Thank you Tom, these are my new reeds for tenor and soprano saxophone!

Comments Update, 2008:

A New Star has  arrived on the  scene!

When Tom Alexander told me about the new Alexander N.Y. Cut for Tenor I first was skeptical about getting better reeds than Superial or the D.C. Cut.

After finding the right strength for me I became addicted and could not get away from the new Alexander N.Y. cut. It is unbelievable how good the response is, how easy they play and yet still maintain their strength and durability!

This new reed has definitely developed my playing to a new level!  Almost every reed is the right one for me - hard to make a selection between different reeds out of a box because all play great!. All the reeds of a box are so well selected - same strength - same characteristics: Low End - Top End - Resonance - Intonation - cane quality ....power....and after breaking in?- I cant find words! -

One of the leading saxophonists on the European Jazz scene today, Harry Sokal has played with the Friedrich Gulda Band, the Vienna Art Orchestra, and with Art Farmer for a span of 20 years, as well as with top jazz artists such as Art Blakey, Dave Holland, Terje Rypdal, Daniel Humair, Michel Portal, Mike Richmond, Minu Cinelu, Idris Muhammad, Joe Zawinul, Harry Pepl, Jene Jackson, Andy Mc Kee. He also has performed as a leader with his own groups "Full Circle, "Return of Depart" and "Roots Ahead".

In 2006 another project of Harry's , with his band Depart released a new CD entitled  RELOADED: More than a Comeback

The headline of one of the ‘Comebacks of the Year’ in the European jazz scene has already done the rounds.  ‘Depart’ is the virtuoso Swiss-Austrian trio-powerhouse that electrified festival- and club-audiences between 1985 and 1994, are once again touring the international circuit.