Proper Storage And Longevity

We also recommend that you keep your dry, unplayed reeds or box of reeds in a plastic ziplock bag to keep the reed moisture stable. Atmospheric changes will effect reed performance and this seems to keep them moisture balanced.

From our experience and from many of the comments we've received from Superial users everywhere, the percentage of good playing reeds per box seems to be fairly high.

Incidentally, the setup minus the reed, ie., the neck, mouthpiece, and ligature, must all be in perfect working order for the tonal response of the instrument to reach its maximum efficiency.

And visa versa, an instrument with pad leaks or adjustment problems, a band or synthetic type ligature that is worn or doesn't provide even and sufficient pressure on the stock of the reed, a mouthpiece that is out of correct balance or of faulty design may give the impression that there's something wrong with the reed, when there actually isn't. So please make sure that all adjustment points of your sax and setup are in top working condition.

Concerning longevity, we have received reports of a single reed lasting more than 4 months and still playing well! To tell you the truth, even we were a little skeptical ourselves until we actually saw and heard one of the reeds in question being played.

However, certainly not all the reeds can be expected to last that long, nor will all the reeds play with the same consistency (though you may likely find some that are close), as all cane reeds are still imperfect products of nature. Consider the fact that each cane pole has different areas of hardness and width down its entire length!

So, it is impossible for each reed blank to come out exactly the same as the next. We are working in percentages, striving for as high a consistency level as Mother Nature and our state of the art machinery will allow us.

On top this, there are atmospheric changes to deal with that may very with affect performance and we have to further consider a very wide range of different mouthpiece designs and tip openings. In other words, all of these factors add up, so like any other company that manufactures cane reeds, we cannot promise nor can you expect perfection from each reed or from box to box.